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Meaning of Loyalty

When we love someone, our country, or an organisation, we show this love by supporting that person or organisation. We behave in ways which would promote the good fortune of that person or organisation. Supporting our country, group or organisation is known as loyalty.

The following are some groups or organisations to which we could belong and to which we could be loyal:

  • Our nation
  • Our family
  • Our community
  • Our school
  • Our religious organisation
  • Our state
  • Our ethnic group
  • Our club or social group
  • Our friends
  • The organisation in which we work.

Our strongest feeling of loyalty should be towards our nation because if the nation is in trouble, all the other groups to which we are loyal will also be troubled and disorganized and may not even exist anymore.

Evidence of loyalty

Simply loving our nation or group in our hearts is good in itself. However, we have to show this love by supporting our nation or group in different ways, in order to make life easier and better for ourselves and members of our society.

Any claim to loyalty which is not proved by actions is insincere and fake. It will not improve the society at all.

Here are some ways in which we can show our loyalty to our nation, community or group:

  • Being obedient to our leaders and to the laws laid down to guide our nation or group.
  • Being honest.
  • Being proud of our nation or group: We must never be ashamed to say we are Nigerians, when we travel outside the country. We must always be willing to show that we belong to a particular family, state or group.
  • Showing respect for national symbols and other symbols that represent the group to which we belong:
  • Showing love and goodwill to the citizens of our country, irrespective of their state or ethnic group. We should also show love to the members of our families and any group or organisation to which we belong.
  • Being willing to serve our nation or group in any way we can, and to the best of our ability.
  • Being willing to protect and defend our country (or organisation). Many times soldiers put their lives at risk by fighting to defend the nation against external aggression. Also, the police sacrifice their personal safety to protect the citizens from criminals.



  1. Explain ‘loyalty’.
  2. List three evidence of loyalty


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