Career opportunities in Agriculture


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Career Opportunities in Agriculture

Career Opportunities in Agriculture

The following are the various branches of agriculture

  1. Agricultural extension
  2. Agricultural engineering
  3. Animal science
  4. Agricultural economics
  5. Crop science
  6. Soil science
  7. Forestry
  8. Horticulture
  9. Fisheries
  10. Veterinary medicine
  • Agricultural extension:

This is mainly concerned with teaching and helping farmers especially small scale farmers in rural areas, to improve their agricultural systems and practices. This would enable them to produce more and better crops. It involves the teaching of the modern method of farming.

  • Agricultural engineering:

This deals with the fabrication and repairs of agricultural tools, implement and machinery. Such as plough, cultivator, planter etc. A scientist who specializes in agricultural tools and machines is called an Agricultural Engineer.

  • Agricultural economics:

This deals with the business aspect of agriculture. It teaches the farmer how to run his farming as a profitable business. It encompasses production, marketing and sales of agricultural produce.

  • Animal science:

This is the scientific study of farm animals. Farm animals such as goat, turkey, cattle etc. the person who studies farm animals is called an Animal scientist.

  • Crop science:

This is the scientific study of how crops are grown

  • Soil science:

This is the study of soil, which covers the formation and properties of soil and how soil can be maintained.

  • Forestry:

This branch of agriculture deals with the study of forest and its resources. A Forester is one who studies the forest and its resources.

  • Horticulture:

This is the aspect that deals with the scientific growing of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

  • Veterinary medicine:

This is a special branch of agriculture which is concerned with the study of the diseases and pest of livestock. A scientist who is an expert in treating sick animals is called a Veterinarian.

  1. Explain the following: a) Agricultural extension b) Forestry
  2. Define the following terms: a) Animal science b) Crop science c) Horticulture.
  3. ———– is the study if how crops are grown a) soil science b) crop science c) animal science
  4. A scientist who specializes in agricultural tools and machines is called an a) Agricultural Repairer b) Agricultural engineer c) mechanic.
  5. ——– is the study of farm animals a) animal scientist b) anemology c) crop scientist
  6. ———- deals with the study of forest and its resources a) forester b) forestry c) forestology.


  1. Explain the following: a) Agricultural economics b) Horticulturist c) Forester.
  2. Define the following: a) Crop science b) Animal science


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