Packaging in agriculture 


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Packaging in Agriculture

Packaging in agriculture

  • Meaning of Packaging
  • Purpose of Packaging
  • Criteria for selecting packaging materials
  • Types of packaging materials

Meaning of packaging

Packaging is the act of wrapping or enclosing agricultural products in a suitable material that will protect them when they are being transported from farms to markets and displayed in shops for people to buy.

Purpose of packaging

  1. To protect the product from being damaged when they are transported from the farm to the stores and markets.
  2. To protect farm products from damage as a result of bad weather, heat and rain.
  3. Packaging makes agricultural products easier to handle, store and more attractive in shops.
  4. To protect farm products from contamination and damage by pests and disease organisms.
  5. To prevent products from losing their value.
  • Packaging protects the product.
  • Packaging keeps the product from going bad.
  • Packaging decreases costs.
  • Packaging informs.
  • Packaging provides hygiene.
  • Packaging means economy.
  • Packaging is a preventive measure.
  • Cost:

While packaging can do a lot to get customer attention, and may even add value to a product, it also adds to the cost of production and the eventual retail price.

  • Landfill Impact:

Packaging is responsible for significant portions of the waste stream. Much of the waste produced by packaging ends up in a landfill.

  • Production Footprint:

Products with more packaging also use more resources in production.

Criteria for selecting packaging materials
  1. The packaging material must be suitable for the type of agricultural products.
  2. Packaging material for animal products should be different from the materials used for packaging plants.
  3. It must be capable of preventing farm products from breakage, leakage and damage to the farm.
  4. The packaging container must enclose the product in a convenient unit for handling and distributing.
  5. It must be strong enough to protect agricultural products from hazards during transportation.
  6. It must be easily available and cheap.
  7. It must make it easy to carry the Agricultural products in terms of weight and form.
  8. It should be easy to dispose of after use.
Types of packaging material for agricultural products

Packaging in agriculture

  1. Jute or Calico Sacks: For packaging dried Agricultural products such as maize, rice, cowpea, millet, sorghum, dried cocoa, beans etc.
  2. Plastic or Polythene bags: Used for packaging flour products such as maize flour, cassava flour etc
  3. BownKrafts: Used for packaging small quantity of dried grains e.g. rice, beans, maize etc. displayed for sale on shop shelves.
  4. Cardboard Boxes and Trays: For packaging products such as eggs, pineapples, mangoes and bananas.
  5. Hard Plastic Containers: They are manufactured especially for carrying vegetables.Packaging in agriculture
  6. Plastic Wrappers: Used for wrapping breed, for dressed chicken for sale in shops and markets.
  7. Wooden Crates: For packaging fresh fruits such as tomatoes, mangoes, avocado pear etc.
  8. Plastic Bottles: For packaging liquid such as vegetable oil, milk etc.
  9. Glass Bottles and Jars: For packaging liquid such as honey, palm wine, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil etc.
  10. Metal Drums and Cans: Metal drums are used to package large quantities of liquids vegetable Oil e.g. Palm Oil, Corn Oil. Metal Cans are used for packaging fish such as Sardines and Mackerels.
  11. Baskets: They are made locally from raphia, palm frond etc. They are very useful in packaging fruits and vegetables.
  1. What is Packaging?
  2. List three purpose of packaging.
  3. List three criteria for selecting packaging materials.
  4. List five packaging materials.
  5. List five items that a basket can be used to package.

Reading assignment

Junior Secondary Agricultural for Nigerian Schools 3 by Anthony

Chapter 1, Pages 1-7


  1. What is packaging?
  2. (a) List five packaging materials.

(b) List five reasons for packaging.


In our next class, we will be talking about Branding: definition, advantages and disadvantages.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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