Marketing in agriculture


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Marketing in Agriculture

Marketing in Agriculture


  • Meaning of market and marketing
  • Agricultural marketing activities
  • Types of marketing for Agricultural Produce       

Meaning of market and marketing

A market is a place where farmers exchange agricultural produce such as yams for money.

Agricultural marketing involves all activities from gathering of agricultural produce from farms to getting them to the customers.

Agricultural marketing activities

This involves activities such as assembling, grading, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and distribution.

  1. Assembling: this involves the collection of products from various locations in order to make them available in large quantity for the buyers.
  2. Grading: Products are sort into grads depending on their shape, size, quality, purity, flavour etc. this is done to ensure high standards of agricultural products.
  3. Processing: Processing is the conversion of farm product into a better form to increase the utility and value. E.g. orange can be processed to orange juice.
  4. Packaging: This involves the placing of farm products in crates, boxes or egg containers. This makes transportation easy to carry out.
  5. Storage: Farm produce is preserved and kept to make it available to consumers most of the time.
  6. Transportation: It is necessary to move agricultural produce from the farm to the market so that the customers can find them to buy.
  7. Distribution: Traders, wholesalers and retailers are involved in the distribution of farm produce to their customers.


  1. What is marketing?
  2. List and explain five marketing activities.

Types of markets for agricultural produce

  1. Perfect competition market: In this type of market, there are many buyers and sellers.
  2. Imperfect competition: The decision of one or more sellers or buyers affects the price of the commodity. The forms of the imperfect market are:
  • Monopoly: When there are one seller and more buyers.
  • Duopoly: When there are two sellers.
  • Oligopoly: Where there is a small number of sellers.
  • Monopsony: When there is only one buyer.
  • Duopsony: When there are two buyers.
  • Oligopsony: When there are a small number of the buyer.
General evaluation
  1. What is a market?
  2. What is marketing?
  3. List five Agricultural marketing activities
  4. List two types of market
  5. Explain, grading, processing, packaging and storage.


  1. List and explain two marketing activities.
  2. Define the following: (a) Monopoly (b) Duopoly (c) Oligopoly (d) Monopsony


In our next class, we will be talking about Farm records.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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