Historical development of Agriculture


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Historical Development of Agriculture

Historical Development of Agriculture classnotes.ng

  • The development of Techniques through the Ages
  • Development of Agriculture in Nigeria

The development of techniques through ages

The early man gathered wild fruits, nuts, roots and leaves for food as well as trapping fishes and wild animals.  Caves, hollows and trees served as his shelter while his clothing was mainly leaves and skins.  With time, he developed skills and instruments for his hunting expedition.  He used pointed sticks, sharp bones or stones but later arrows, slings and guns were invented.  The forest land where he collected food was enough for him to feed.  There was no shortage of food, so he did not think of ways of producing food.  However as people increased, food gathering was no longer enough for them.

Development of agriculture in Nigeria

The Agricultural methods of Egyptian farmers combined with the older traditional farming practices of West Africa have produced the basis of Nigerian Agriculture today.

In the last 300 years, crops from other parts of the world have been brought of West-Africa by traders.  Bananas and plantains were originally from Asia while groundnuts and cocoa came from America.

  1. What did the early man do to get food before the population of people increased?
  2. How did cocoa and groundnut get to Nigeria?

Reading assignment

Junior Secondary Agriculture for Nigerian Schools by A. Yondeowei Bk. 3, Chapter 19, Pages 104-108


  1. Mention the kinds of food the early man fed on.
  2. Mention the tools used by the early man for hunting expedition, his shelter and clothing


In our next class, we will be talking about the Role of Science and Technology in Agriculture.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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