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circle is a simple shape, consisting of those points in a plane that are a given distance from a given point – the centre.

Origin: The centre of a circle.

center or origin of a circle classnotesng


Radius: The distance from the centre of a circle to any point on it.

radius of a circle classnotes

Diameter: The longest distance from one end of a circle to the other. The diameter = 2 × radius (d = 2r).

diameter of a circle classnotes


Circumference: The distance around the circle.

circumference of a circle classnotesng

Circumference = π×diameter.

Circumference = π×d = 2×π×r


Arc: a curved line that is part of the circumference of a circle.

arc in a circle classnotesng

The arc of a circle is measured in degrees or radians – for example 90° or \displaystyle \frac{\pi}{2}2π​ – a quarter of the circle,
180° or \displaystyle \piπ – half of the circle.
The arc is smaller than 360°(or \displaystyle 2\pi2π) because that is the whole circle.


Chord: a line segment within a circle that touches 2 points on the circle.

a chord in  a circle classnotesng


Sector: is like a slice of pie (a circle wedge).

sector in a circle classnotesng


Tangent: a line perpendicular to the radius that touches ONLY one point on the circle.

tangent to a circle classnotesng



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