Civic Responsibilities and Obligation of a Citizen

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In today’s class, we will be talking about civic responsibilities and obligation of a citizen. Enjoy the class!

Civic Responsibilities and Obligation of a Citizen

Civic Responsibilities and Obligation of a Citizen

Civic rights:

Civic rights are those things that we are entitled to as citizens of Nigeria.

Civic responsibilities:

This refers to those things we ought to do help the government as patriotic citizens of our country.

Duties of individuals in the community

  1. General and Civic Duties: General and civic duties are the duties we perform because of the love and respect we have for our community e.g. regular payment of taxes, obeying the laws of the land. Etc.
  2. Legal Duties: Legal duties are the duties imposed on us by the laws made by the legislative body in the community. E.g obeying traffic rules, not committing murder, etc.
  3. Moral Duties: Moral duties refer to those duties imposed on us by the family and school e.g. we must respect and obey our parents, we must obey school rules, etc.
  4. Unsolicited obligations: These obligations are not to be forced on individuals; we do them in other to maintain peace in the community. e.g. keeping our surroundings dean, giving alms to beggars, rescuing accident victims, etc.

Roles, duties, and obligations of a citizen

  • Obeying the law
  • Help to prevent crime
  • Showing loyalty to the country.
  • Helping in community development
  • Paying taxes, rates and dues
  • Showing respect to leaders in authority
  • Showing the right attitude to work

Qualities of a good citizen

  1. A good citizen must have consideration for other people
  2. A good citizen must always respect the National flag, National Pledge and National Anthem.
  3. A good citizen should help save lives and property when he/she comes across accident victims.
  4. A good citizen above the age of 18 should vote during elections.
  5. A good citizen must respect the president of his/her country

The importance of performing our duties

  1. It will bring peace, harmony among the people living in a community.
  2. It will promote and ensure the welfare of people living in a community.
  3. It will help protect the rights of individuals living in a society
  4. It will also promote good living conditions which will ensure social, economic, cultural and political development.
  5. It also ensures that there are progress, order and the rule of law in the community.

Government duties to its citizens

  • Provision of employment
  • Maintenance of Peace and Order.
  • Provision of social amenities e.g. good roads and hospitals
  • Protection of lives and properties.


In our next class, we will be talking about Social Issues and Problem (Examination Malpractices).  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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