National Unity Integration


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National Unity Integration

National Unity Integration

National unity and integration imply a situation where every Nigerian can work as a team to achieve a common goal irrespective of their cultural background. The need for unity is being stressed because of the multi-ethnic nature of Nigeria as a nation. Cooperation and teamwork are needed to forge ahead as a nation. Every element of nepotism, tribalism, and ethnicity must be removed if we must progress.

 Need for national unity and integration

The following are some of the strong reasons why national unity and integration are needed by Nigeria.

  1. Multi-ethnic structure of the country: Nigeria has over 300 ethnic groups with different languages. No economic development can be achieved except there is unity among them.
  2. Pre-amalgamation experience: Until 1914 when the Northern and Southern protectorates were amalgamated to form the nation Nigeria each society that makes Nigeria today had its own method of administration. Therefore, for any meaningful progress to occur as a nation, they have to be totally integrated as one indivisible nation.

Importance of national unity and integration

National unity and integration are important in the following ways:

  1. They promote peace: In a nation where there is unity, peace and tranquillity will reign. Unity will prevent tribalism, nepotism which can cause conflict in society.
  2. They promote economic development: When there is unity everyone will do his best to do things that will make the economy grow. The absence of conflict will produce a peaceful environment, which encourages foreign and local investors to set up industries. The existence of industries will lead to the creation of more jobs, revenue and increase in per capita income.
  3. They minimize unemployment: The level of unemployment will be at the lowest level in the face of unity and integration. It will be easy for any Nigerian to work in any part of the nation. There will be no discrimination on the basis of tribe, language or religion.

  4. They promote political stability: National unity and integration will bring about political stability because a change in the government resulting from the struggle for power by all the tribes will stop. Anyone one that is elected through credible election will be supported and assisted to rule for the benefit of others. Those elected also will see themselves as representing every Nigerian rather than their tribe or family. Such leaders will not exhibit tribalism, or ethnicity in the course of discharging their duties.
  5. Promote even development: Absence of tribalism, nepotism and favouritism gives room for even development. Developmental projects and provision of social amenities will be based on the need and population of each state. This allows everywhere to be developed instead of the leaders concentrating on their state or community at the detriment of others who they feel did not vote for them.

  6. Promote our image abroad: A nation with good leadership, peace and economic development will be respected among the committee of nations. Other nations will like to associate with her in terms of trade, politics sports and so on.
  7. Prevent all forms of corruption: Embezzlement of funds, bribery, electoral fraud will disappear in a country where there is unity.


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