Social Issues and Problem (Examination Malpractices)


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In today’s class, we will be talking about social issues and problem (examination malpractices). Enjoy the class!

Social Issues and Problem (Examination Malpractices)

Examination Malpractices

Examination Malpractice simply means the use of illegal methods by students to pass examinations and acquire certificates. Examination malpractice include acts such as bringing of textbooks or written materials into examination hall for the purpose of answering questions. Others include writing of points on palms, spying other people work during an examination, dictation of answer by invigilators or fellow candidate etc.

Cause of exam malpractice

  1. Laziness: many students are very lazy to study yet they want to pass. This forces them to device other means of getting materials to pass the examination.
  2. Love of Pleasure: Many students have no time to study but have time to watch television, browse the internet for things irrelevant to their studies. Furthermore, many students skip school to attend parties, play games and listen to music instead of studying for their examinations.
  3. Love of Money: The love of money, which has taken over the minds of many Nigerians in the education sector, is one of the major causes of examination malpractice. Many invigilator and examination officials collect bribe from candidates. Once the candidates settle them with a huge amount of money they close their eyes to every form of examination malpractice going on in the examination hall.
  4. Activities of Corrupt School owners: Some school owners and principals aid examination malpractice so that their school can be known for having good results and therefore have more population. Most of them collect extra fees from candidates to bribe examination officials in order to have their ways to cheat in the examination. Having settled the examination officials, subject teachers or invigilators are forced to dictate the answers to the students during exams. Any of their teachers or staff who reject such order from the school authority are sometimes sacked for not ‘cooperating’. Such teachers or staff are seen as not loving their students and not loyal to the school. Many schools who brag and make noise about excellent results in external examinations are guilty of this evil.
  5. Laziness and Incompetence of Teachers: Some teachers are so lazy in teaching their students. They have the habit of skipping lessons or if they go at all, they tell stories throughout the lesson. Furthermore, some teachers are incompetent and unqualified to teach the subject. Such teachers will not be able to prepare the students adequately for the examinations. Therefore, to cover their laziness and incompetence, such teachers will always be ready to ‘help’ the students during examinations so that they can come out in flying colours and the teacher will receive undeserved praise.
  6. Inadequate Facilities in Schools: Many schools do not have halls or laboratory big enough for examination purposes. Students are crammed into a small place, which is not conducive for a credible examination. This gives room for spying, sharing of ideas, and exchange of textbooks in the examination.
  7. Parental Influence: Many parents also aid examination malpractice in so many ways. Some parents prefer hiring other people to write examinations for their children. This is very rampant in external examinations, Furthermore, some parents also find all means to get ‘expo’ for their children before the examination

 Effects of examination malpractice

  1. Fall in the standard of education: Examination malpractice will lead to a fall in the standard of education. Those who are in charge of implementing education policy will not be able to do a thorough job because of their selfish interest. Such include the school owners, administrators, teachers etc.
  2. Breeding of incompetent professionals: Those who get their certificate through dubious means will not be able to perform their duties as expected by society. They Become quacks in their various fields of endeavours and a disappointment to their generation. Today, there are so many doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, teachers etc in our society with seemingly good certificates but cannot defend such in their place of work.
  3. Loss of confidence in public examinations: Many employers of labour do not trust or rely on public examinations anymore. Therefore, before employing their staff they conduct a series of written practical and oral interviews to pick applicants they feel will be competent enough to work for them. Beautiful certificates are disregarded in such recruitment process until the candidate proves his worth at the end of the recruitment exercise.
  4. Discourages diligence and hard work: When students discover that there is a short -cut to earning beautiful certificates, they will not toe the path of diligence in school.
  5. Increase in corruption: Those who get certificates through examination malpractice will always encourage corruption. Parents who got a certificate through corruption will teach their children the same.
  1. Provision of more facilities in the school.
  2. Stiff punishment for the offenders.
  3. Schools that perpetrate examination malpractice should be sanctioned and blacklisted.
  4. Examination bodies conducting external examinations should hire responsible and honest people as supervisors.
  5. Diligent and hardworking students should be rewarded.


In our next class, we will be talking about Social Issues and Problems (Cultism).  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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