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Conflict is a disagreement resulting from actual or perceived differences or incompatibilities. Every conflict is accompanied by misunderstanding which often usually escalates the conflict. Therefore, inasmuch as we all should do our best to avoid conflict, it should be known that as long as we live on earth, conflict is part of our existence and as such, inevitable.  Do bear in mind that it is not conflict that defines you but how you handle the conflict. If we respond to every conflict negatively we will continually live a distressed, bitter and unproductive life. Do not be perturbed by the possibilities of conflicts because whenever it comes, there are ways of resolving them in churches and schools. Find some of them below-

Procedures used for resolving Disputes in Church and Schools

  1. Develop the proper attitude- meek (Galatian 6:1); humble (James 4:10); forgiving (Ephesians 4:31-32); patient (James 1:19-20).
  2. Recognize and admit your own part in the conflict. Matthew 7:1-5 says to remove the log in your eyes first before removing the speck in another person’s eyes.
  3. Go to the person, not other people and voice your concern. This is done in love, not just to get something off your chest. If you accuse the person you making matters worse. Attack the problem, not the person.
  4. If the person rejects your plea for reconciliation, invite a third party who will serve as a mediator. Matthew 18:16. Remember your objective is not to win an argument but to win a fellow Christian back. Let the mediator be a well-respected person.


Six Steps to Solving Conflicts in School

  1. Cool off, don’t speak in anger.
  2. Tell what’s bothering you
  3. Each person should restate what they heard the other person say
  4. Take responsibility: in conflict, we all have our own part. Don’t shift blame, take responsibility- admit your fault. This will make resolution possible
  5. Brainstorm solution: there are many solutions to a single problem. Be willing to seek compromise
  6. Affirm, forgive or thank: a handshake, hug or kind words give closure to the resolution of conflicts. Forgiveness is the best form of resolving conflict.

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  1. Define conflict.
  2. What are the best ways to resolve conflict?



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