Fellowshipping in the Early Church


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  • Peter’s Speech on Pentecost Day (Acts 2: 14-41)
  • Communal Life in the Early Church (Acts 2: 41-47, 4: 32-37)



The coming of the Holy Spirit made a great impact on the spiritual life and psyche of the apostles. They were filled boldness, courage and power to witness Christ to people. Peter who had been afraid and had denied Jesus before now demonstrated boldness and courage to defend the disciples against the mockery of drunkenness. He was empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak to the multitude that the apostles were not drunk but were filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. He told them that the hour was in the third hour (9 am) of the day. He made them see that what they just experienced was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and that their speaking in tongues was a fulfilment of the prophecy which was made by Prophet Joel. Peter then preach the gospel of Jesus to them and about three thousand people repented and gave their lives to Christ. Henceforth they all became members of the church.

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  1. Discuss the change in Peter’s confidence in his belief in Jesus.
  2. Highlight the effect of Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost.



Jesus Christ established the church while He was here earth during His three and half year’s ministry on earth. Peter became the leader of the church and he was assisted by other apostles. The early believers stayed together as a family, praying and doing things together. The whole church devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles on the kingdom of God. The communal living and strong fellowship was such that touched every area of their lives and interests. As a result of these, they had everything in common. This meant that nobody claimed ownership of anything, it was collective ownership of everything. Those that were rich ensured that nobody lacked food and necessities of life. The Bible says that they were increasing day by day.

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  1. What type of life did the early disciples live?
  2. Discuss the possible problems that faced the early church.



  1. What lessons are in the communal life of the early church for Christians to learn?
  2. What are the forbidding attitudes among the early Christians?
  3. Discuss the meaning of communal life.
  4. How can Christians nowadays imbibe the communal lifestyle of the early disciples?



  1. Christian Religious Knowledge for JSS. BK 3, by T.N.O Quarcoopome et al.Chapter2, page 30.
  2. Christian Religious Knowledge for JSS. BK 1, by Adeyinka. et al. Chapter 2, page 9.



  1. Who was the founder of the church? (a) Peter (b)  Jesus  (c) Paul  (d)  apostles
  2. Who was the head of the early church? (a) Peter  (b) Paul  (c)  James (d) apostles
  3. What was the requisite for joining members of the early church? (a)  righteousness  (b) salvation  (c)  humility  (d)  patience
  4. How many souls were added to the church after Peter’s speech on Pentecost day (a) 2000  (b) 3000  (c) 500  (d) 120
  5. On Pentecost day, the disciples attracted people because they were (a) praying aloud  (b) speaking in tongues  (c)  conversing with God  (d)  willing to show love to people.



  1. Analytically discuss Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost.
  2. What were the reactions of the authority to gospel of Jesus by the apostles?



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In our next class, we will be talking about Communal Life in the Early Church. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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