Cornelius calls for Peter in Caesarea


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  • Cornelius Calls for Peter (Acts 10: 1-41)
  • Peter’s Vision and His Presence in Cornelius’ house (Acts 10: 1-48)



The church in Caesarea started by the invitation Peter got from Cornelius to come to his house and preach the gospel. Peter was still on a mission in Joppa when Cornelius sent for him. Cornelius was a Roman army officer living in Caesarea, he was a devoutly religious man and he worshipped God faithfully with all the members of his household. One day he had a vision in which an angel asked him to send for Simon Peter who was in Joppa at that time. After the vision, Cornelius sent his servants and soldiers to look for Peter.



While the messengers of Cornelius were still on their way to Joppa, Peter who was already hungry went into prayer and fell into trance. The heaven opened and he saw a vision of a vessel descending from heaven like a sheet and containing various kinds of animals. Then a voice said to him “Peter, kill and eat” Peter replied, “No Lord, for I have never eaten anything unclean.” The voice cautioned Peter not to call anything God has done unclean. This happened three times and the sheet disappeared unto heaven.


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As Peter’s vision was over, the messenger also arrived Joppa and Peter went down to welcome them. In obedience to the Holy Spirit, Peter and some brethren in Joppa went with them to Cornelius’ house in Caesarea. In Caesarea crowd was waiting to receive them and Cornelius came out to welcome him and they both narrated the vision they had. Peter prayed for Cornelius and his household and people that were present, many accepted Christ and were baptised. Peter laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Examine Peter’s response to the voice in that vision.
  2. Why did Cornelius call for Peter?



  1. What brought about the crowd at Cornelius’ house?
  2. Discuss the relevance of men of God in our society.
  3. Why did Peter lay hand on them after baptism?
  4. What is the importance of baptism?



  • Christian Religious Knowledge for JSS. BK 3, by T.N.O Quarcoopome et al. Chapter 4, pages 48-52
  • Christian Religious Knowledge for JSS. BK 3, by Adeyinka, .et al. Chapter 4, pages 30-34




  1. The invitation for Peter was from ( a) Cornelius’ servants (b)  Cornelius’ soldiers  (c) Roman authority  (d) Cornelius
  2. Cornelius was a ………. officer (a) political  (b) military  (c)  civil  (d) government
  3. Why didn’t Peter kill and eat in that vision? Because he was (a) unclean  (b)  holy  (c)  ignorant  (d)  meticulous of eating unclean animals
  4. How many times did the voice persuade Peter? (a) 5  (b) 3  (c)  2  (d)  7
  5. Who instructed Peter to go to Cornelius (a) divine voice  (b)  Holy Spirit  (c)  angel  (d)  Pert himself



  1. Discuss the relevance of Peter’s visitation to the church in Caesarea.
  2. What two lessons can we derive from Peter’s vision?



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In our next class, we will be talking about the Persecution of the Early Church. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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