Cookery For Invalid And Convalescents

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Cookery For Invalid And Convalescents

Taking care of sick people is very important, as what they eat plays a role in how fast they recover from their sickness. Before we talk about Cookery for invalid and Convalescents, let’s define each term. 

Convalescence: the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness. The period during which one is convalescing.

invalid and convalescents

Invalid: a person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.

cookery for invalid and convalescents

Diet for Convalescents and Invalid may include: Liquid and Light diets.

Liquid diet consists entirely of liquids, of which milk is the most valuable. The meat broths (those made with beef, chicken, and mutton), oyster and clam broth, albumen water, eggs in the form of egg-nog, egg cream, and mulled wine, and tea and coffee are also acceptable. 

As the patient shows signs of recovery, soft custards, and jellies made with wine, lemon, coffee, or orange-juice, which quickly become liquid when eaten, may be added. 

Convalescent and Invalid diets include the liquid and light diets, and, in addition, all easily digested and nutritious food. For meats, game, especially venison and birds, beef, mutton, and chicken may be given, but never either pork or veal. They are difficult to digest. 

Eggs in all ways, soft-cooked, scrambled, poached, and as omelets, well-baked potatoes, cream of rice pudding, and tapioca cream, jellies, both those made from gelatin and fruits.

A convalescent may use plenty of good milk, cocoa, carefully made tea and coffee, occasionally good wine, and the different mineral and drinking waters. 

Some foods to be avoided are pastry, dark or badly made cakes, pork, veal, any highly seasoned meat dish made with gravy, all kinds of fried food, sausages, heavy puddings, badly made bread, lobsters and crabs.

In summary, It is important to note that a patient is given a liquid diet during times of severe and dangerous illness. Usually the amount of food and intervals at which it is to be given are prescribed by the physician.



Explain the following:

  •  Convalescents
  • Invalid

Reading Assignment

Explain the importance of giving healthy meals to Convalescents and Invalids. 

Weekend Assignment

Explain three precautions that must be taken when feeding Convalescents and Invalids. 


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