Table Accompaniments

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Table Accompaniments

table accompaniments

Table Accompaniment sounds more stylish than food accompaniments. So don’t be surprised when someone says, “Let’s go for a table accompaniment.” Just think of it as dining in a five star hotel.   

Table accompaniments in restaurants are mostly dependent on the food and beverage menu and items ordered by the guests. After the guest places an order, basic table cover gets changed by the food and beverage personnel according to the  list of food ordered. 

Accompaniments sometimes come with the food or served separately.

Let’s take a look at the table accompaniment below. This represents a typical table accompaniment consisting of the items, accompaniments and table set-up. 


Table Accompaniments

Table Set-up

Salads fish and meat salads, cucumber salad, andalouse, russian salad Mayonnaise, vinaigrette, aspic, etc. fish knife and fish fork fish plate
Fish anchovies, herring, smoked eel according to items fish knife and fish fork fish plate
Asparagus (Asperges) when hot -melted butter / beurre fondue or hollandaise. When cold -vinaigrette or mayonnaise 1 joint fork placed upside down on the right-hand side of the cover, asparagus tong on right side hot/cold joint plate
Avocado Vinaigrette, brown bread and butter (optional)  side knife and dessert fork, cold fish plate
Caviare blinis (buckwheat pancake)/ hot b/f toast, butter, segment of lemon, chopped shallot, chopped egg yolk and egg white caviar knife/ fish knife on right side cold fish plate
Fresh fruit chilled melon castor sugar and ground ginger for melon side Knife and dessert fork half plate/ bowl
Fruit cocktails castor sugar – grapefruit cocktail glass/ bowl tea spoon
Fruit juices castor sugar pony glass,teaspoon
Tomato juice   tomate salt worcestershire sauce pony glass,doily on side plate, teaspoon
Globe Artichokes artichaut when hot -melted butter / beurre fondue or hollandaise Whem cold -vinaigrette joint fork placed upside down on the right-hand side hot/cold fish plate , finger bowl , spare napkin.
Mousses and pates Hot unbuttered breakfast toast/butter/lemon and napkin 1 half plate,side knife,dessert fork
Oy stars (huitres) Haifa lemon, oyster cruet – (cayenne pepper, pepper mill,chili vinegar,Tabasco sauce), butter, brown bread bed of crushed ice in a soup plate, oyster fork,finger bowl, slice of lemon and napkin
Seafood cocktails lemon segment,peppermill,cayenne pepper, brown bread, butter cocktail glass,doily on side plate, teaspoon,oyster fork
Smoked salmon (saumon fume) half a lemon wrapped in muslin.cayenne pepper, peppermill,brown bread,butter,oil,capers, chopped onions cold fish plate,fish fork
Snails (escargots) French bread with appropriate sauce,half a lemon Escargot dish (with 6-12 indentations), snail tongs – left side ,snail fork- right side, finger bowl,napkin

In summary, table accompaniments in restaurants are mostly dependent on the food and beverage menu and items ordered by the guests.


Explain the difference between food accompaniment and table accompaniment. 


Reading Assignment

List 5 items that are found in table accompaniments. 


Weekend Assignment

Give a tabular representation of table accompaniment containing your preferred meals. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be talking about Beverages.

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