Food Accompaniment

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Food Accompaniments

Every dish has its own accompaniment of food and a food item is incomplete without it. We have people who cannot eat beans without bread, while there are others who only eat bread with coca cola. Think of food accompaniment as that combination you must add to your meal before eating. 

What is Food Accompaniment?

Food accompaniment may be an integral part of the dish or served separately. In a restaurant, the waiter must have a sound knowledge of the accompaniments to help him/her serve the food correctly.

Before serving the dish, the appropriate food accompaniments must be placed on the table or served on the plate.

In general, for the meat dish which is served as the main course, the accompanying sauce, roast gravy, and other standard accompanying sauce are served after serving the meat, either on the meat or on the sides according to the preference of the guest.

However, the waiters should follow the procedures practiced in their place of work.

Types Of Food Accompaniments 

  1. Hors d’œuvre variés- Oil and Vinegar.

Hors d'œuvre variés- Oil and Vinegar.

2.Grapefruit cocktail- Caster sugar.

Grapefruit cocktail- Caster sugar

3.Tomato juice- Worcestershire sauce.

food accompaniments


  1. Oysters- Oyster cruet.

Oysters- Oyster cruet

others are:

  1. Snails- Brown bread and butter.
  2. Potted shrimps- Cayenne pepper, pepper mill.

Whether you’re just a simple African child who likes to combine local dishes or the one who prefers intercontinental dishes, remember that food accompaniment may be an integral part of the dish or served separately.



What is Food Accompaniment?


Reading Assignment

Based on today’s class, name five accompaniments for food.


Weekend Assignment

Explain a type of food accompaniment you enjoy eating and how it is prepared. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be talking about Types Of Accompaniment.

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