Family Health III


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Family Health III

Family Health


It can be defined as any substance that can affect the body positively or negatively. Drugs can be taken into the body system directly or indirectly through swallowing, injection or inhalation. Drugs is a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of a disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental.

Examples of drugs: Chloroquine, Phensic, Panadol, Kola nut, Alcohol, Indian hemp etc.

Types of drugs
  1. Licit/ legal drugs.
  2. Illicit/ illegal drugs.

Licit/ legal drugs: These are the types of drugs that are approved by the government and society. Examples of those drugs include paracetamol, chloroquine, diclofenac, etc.

Illicit/ illegal: these are the type of drugs that are not allowed by society and it is not allowed by the government. Examples of those drugs include marijuana, Indian hemp, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Sources of drugs

Drugs can be obtained from the following source:

  1. Mineral/ earth sources.
  2. Plant
  3. Animal
  4. Roots and stem
Uses of drugs
  1. Drugs are used to treat disease and illness.
  2. it is used to treat body pain.
  3. It is used to be able to sleep.

Drugs abuse

drug abuse

Drugs abuse is the continued misuse of drugs. It can be defined as patterned use of drugs in which the user consumes the substance in an amount or with a method in which is harmful to themselves. Drugs abuse can be called substance abuse or chemical abuse. Drugs abuse is using drugs without a doctor prescription and using drugs in essence.

Symptoms of drugs abuse
  1. Sneaking around the house or corners.
  2. Isolation from family members.
  3. Hiding in the house.
  4. Exhibiting nonchalant behaviour to the law one’s parent or the law of the society.
  5. Loss of sleep.
  6. Loss of appetite.
  7. Having difficulty focusing (mood swing).
  8. Painful sensation.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Reproductive System.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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