Living and Non Living Things III


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In today’s class, we will be talking more about living things and non-living things. Enjoy the class!

Living and Non-Living Things III

Living things and non-living things animation

Differences between plant and animal

Plant Animal
1 Plants can prepare their own food because they produce chlorophyll. Animals cannot make their own food; they depend on plant to make their food.
2 Plants are less sensitive because of the absence of the sense organ and nervous system. Animals are highly sensitive because of the presence of the sense organ and nervous system.
3 They are mostly fixed and not free to move. They move freely.
4 Plants are autotrophic. Animals are heterotrophic.
5 Plant cell has a cell wall and other structures differ from those of the animal. Animal cell does not have a cell wall.

Differences between living things and non-living things

  1. Living things can move, but non-living things cannot move.
  2. Energy is required by living things, while non-livings do not require energy.
  3. Living things are capable of growth, reproduction and death.
  4. Non-living things are non-motile, but living things can move around.
  5. Living things respire; non-living things do not respire.
  6. Living things adapt to the surroundings and respond to stimulus.

Properties of living things

  1. They have life.
  2. They can grow.
  3. They have the ability to move.
  4. They die at the end of all.

Properties of non-living things

  1. They do not have life.
  2. They cannot die.
  3. They cannot move except they are carried.
  4. They do not increase in size, nor grow.

Importance of living things

Along with my family, relatives, neighbours, friends, coworkers, etc. Next are my pets, livestock, landscaping plants, lawn, pastures and nearby woods. Follow that with the wonders of natural organisms around me, the ecosystems which I interact with daily; they are all important. They provide us with oxygen, food, beauty, energy, pleasure, sport, endless study, a source of income, and survival. They affect our evolution, physical and mental well being, and contribute to our sense of belonging and interaction with nature. How important are living things? Extremely important.

Importance of non-living things

Non-living things are also important to us, such as we use the chair to seat, we use the blackboard to write. If we do not have a sure thing, living things cannot replace them.


In our next class, we will be talking more about Living Things and Non-Living Things.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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