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GIS Application

GIS Application |

Geographic Information System can be applied in different field which include defence, agriculture, mining, transport, urban planning, census, surveying etc.

Some of the problems of GIS in Nigeria are:

  1. Inadequate power
  2. Inadequate personnel
  3. Inadequate capital
  4. Poor communication
  5. Low level of technology
  6. Lack of GIS institutions.

Data representation

GIS data represents real objects (such as roads, land use, elevation, trees, waterways, etc.).

Real objects can be divided into two abstractions: discrete objects (e.g., a house) and continuous fields (such as rainfall amount, or elevations).

Traditionally, there are two broad methods used to store data in a GIS for both kinds of abstractions mapping references: raster images and vector.

General evaluation
  1. What is GIS?
  2. Mention two features that can be represented with GIS.
  3. State three cultural features.
  4. Mention five physical features in your environment
  5. Define geography.

Weekend assignment

  1. The instrument used in measuring the intensity of the earthquake is called (a) barograph (b) binocular (c) seismograph (d) thermometer
  2. Fold mountains are formed mainly by (a) compressional forces (b) earthquake (c) erosional activities (d) eruption of molten magma
  3. “They are crystalline, non-stratified, hard and impervious”. The rock type described above is (a) calcareous (b) carbonaceous (c) igneous (d) sedimentary
  4. The shortest distance between any two points on the earth is along the (a) great circle (b) grid line (c) prime meridian (d) poles
  5. River capture is also known as river (a) confluence (b) divide (c) misfit (d) piracy


  1. List four areas of application of GIS.
  2. Explain two major problems affecting the application of GIS.


In our next class, we will be talking about Bush Fallowing in West Africa.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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