Leaders in Our Community

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The Community

Å community is made up of a group of people. They live close to each other in a place. They obey rules and regulations.

Types of Communities

  • Traditional Communities: Examples are villages ånd small towns. They are sometimes ruled by traditional rulers. The people know each other.
  • Modern Communities: Examples are large towns ånd cities. Most of the people do not know each other very well. The communities are ruled by government officia The people use modern equipment, like machines, ånd cars.

Members of the Community

  • In families, we have father, mother, children, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents ånd others.
  • The school community: The school is also a We spend å lot of our time there. Sometimes, pupils live in a part of the school called å boarding house or å hostel. People in the school community are always learning new things. The head teachers is the leader of the school community.
  • In the school, we have the head teachers, other teachers, the pupils, ånd other people who help to look after the school. Some of such people are secretaries, gardeners, cleaners ånd sometimes, cooks.
  • In the community, we have leaders like the boas, obis and emirs who see to the welfare of the community. We also have chairmen of local government councils ånd other government officials. We also have members of the community.


Rules in the community

Members who live together have rules ånd regulations that they obey. If people obey rules and regulations, they will be happy. If people disobey, the community will not make good progress.

Rules are made to promote orderliness, cooperation, happiness of all, respect and loyalty. Here are examples of some community rules:

  • Keep the environment clea
  • Do not loiter in the streets at night.
  • Security guards must lock the street gates at midnight.
  • Street gates should be opened at 5 a.m.


Leaders in Our Community

  1. Traditional rulers: They rule the traditional communities. They ensure that those under them obey the laws of the land. Many times when people have disputes, they go to their traditional ruler and he or she settles the dispute. Also, when the government wishes to promote an idea among traditional people in their community, they do so with the assistance of the traditional rulers. Examples of traditional rulers are
  • å) Chiefs
  • b) Emirs
  • c) Eze
  • d) Olu
  1. Religious leaders: These people tell their members about God. They read the word of God to the people from the holy books. They teach people to fear God, obey Him and love their fellow men and women. Their followers also obey them. Examples of religious leaders are
  • å) Pastors
  • b) Imams

3 Political leaders: They are the people who rule and govern our country at various levels. They are government officials. Examples of political leaders are

  • å) The president
  • b) State governors
  • c) Local government chairmen
  1. Heads of organizations: These are the leaders in places like schools, offices, and companies, and the people who work with them obey them. Examples of such leaders are
  • Head teachers
  • Managing directors
  • General Managers


  1. What is å community?
  2. Mention three types of communities.

3(å) Select two kinds of communities.

(b) State two ways in which these two communities are different from each other.

  1. List five members of å community.
  2. List three rules of å good community.

This is the end of the class. If you have any questions ask using the comment box. See you in the next class.


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