Meaning And Example Of Machine

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What is a Machine?

Both Animal and Human powers are limitless and this birth the need of building equipment or instruments which are capable of going beyond human efforts and even faster.

Therefore, a machine is anything either instruments or equipments which makes work easier and faster.

It can also be defined as an essential device or tool which allows a force (or effort) applied at one point to overcome a resisting force or (load) at another point.

Examples of Simple Machines is Screw, Cutlass, Broom, wheelbarrows, nutcrackers, the inclined plane, opener, the wedge, screw jack, pliers, wheel and axle, knife, pots, Hoe, spoons and so many more.

wheel and axle


  1. What do you understand by a simple machine?
  2. List five examples of simple machine in your house

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