Source Of Energy And Their Examples

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There are different sources of energy and they can be channelled for use in to one thing or the other and they are;

  • Solar Energy: This is energy gotten from the sun. They are also known as natural source of energy because they are gotten from nature (Sun).

  • Electrical energy: This is a source of energy gotten from electricity. Examples of objects that use this kind of energy are Boiling ring, Refrigerator, rechargeable touch light etc.

  • Mechanical energy: This is a type of energy that is gotten mechanical equipments. These are the type of energy that doesn’t depend directly or indirectly on electrical energy to function. They are further divided in Potential energy (Energy at rest) and Kinetic Energy (Energy in motion). Examples are pushing of car from a stationary rest, simple pendulum bulb etc

Use Of Energy

The uses of energy are large when we are to talk about them with their examples. But let’s list a few here.

  1. Washing Clothes
  2. Taking shower
  3. Watching Television
  4. Running appliances and cooking
  5. Heating and lighting the home and so on we can go on to list.



  • List and explain two different sources of energy with their examples
  • List three use of energy

We have come to the end of the class. If you have any questions ask using the comment box. See you in the next class.

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