Simple Machine; Use Of Simple Machine; Broom, Spoon, See-Saw

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Consider a simple machine such as a screw. We apply a small turning force at the screw head and the screw is able to move through a block of wood, against a large resisting force provided by the wood.

Generally, a simple machine enable us to overcome a large resistance or load by applying a small effort. A machine enables us to do more work easily and conveniently than could be done without it.

Let’s further discuss how an examples of simple machines can be used.


Simple Machines Uses

This makes sweeping very easy and fast
Wheel Barrow

This is used to move


This is used for cutting either rubber or any metallic object with small diameter

This is always used domestically for cutting anything like vegetables, meats, fish and other things

This is used to pinning down metallic objects

This is used to feed while eating. It makes eating easy without staining hands.





  1. What are uses of the following simple machines (a) Spoon (b) Hammer (c) Knife (d) Broom

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