Simple Machine; Use Of Simple Machine; Hoe, Cutlass And Opener

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Use Of Simple Machine; Hoe, Cutlass And Opener


Simple Machine Uses

This is garden tool that has a flat blade on a long handle. It’s used to work on something such as garden or a crop

This is a short, heavy sword with curved blade that was used by sailors, farmers and pirates in the past. It’s mainly used for cutting grasses and trees in the farm by farmers.

A tool, device or simple machine that is used to open something like bottle drinks in the house, bars, event centres or anywhere.

This is an implement equipped with projecting prongs or teeth to gather materials such as leaves, dirts etc or for loosening or smoothing the surface of the ground. It’s also used by gardeners.



  1. Explain what are the uses of the following simple machine (a) Cutlass (b) Hoe (c) Rake (d) Opener

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