Meaning and Kinds of Food



Food is a substance, either liquid or solid that gives the essential nutrients to the body. Food is any edible substance either liquid or solid which when eaten is used by the body to maintain life. It is not everything that goes to the mouth that is edible. We need to eat good food to stay healthy.

Kinds of food:

  1. Rice
  2. Pawpaw
  3. Plantain
  4. Garri
  5. beans
  6. vegetable oil
  7. salt
  8. water
  9. meat
  10. Egg etc.


Food groups:

  1. Body building food

Protein: These are foods that helps the body to grow and repair the worn out tissues e.g. fish, beans, meat, cheese, milk, egg, etc.

  1. Energy giving food

Carbohydrate: it gives warmth and energy to the body e.g. yam, rice, potatoes, butter, cocoyam, bread, Garri (Eba). Palm oil etc.

  1. Body protector

Vitamins and Minerals: they fight against diseases in the body e.g. oranges, pawpaw, vegetables, banana groundnut, cashew, egg, milk, liver, fish etc.


Food nutrient

Nutrients are the essential substances present in the food that help the body to function we.

Nutrients sources

  1. Carbohydrates include rice, bread, and yam, among others
  2. Vitamins Fruits include pawpaw, oranges green leaves, and vegetable spinach
  3. Fats and oil include palm oil, vegetable oil, oily fish, butter etc.
  4. Mineral salt include iodized salt, liver, egg
  5. Water drinking water, fruit juice and drinks


Functions of food

  1. Carbohydrate supply heat and energy for work and play
  2. Protein builds the body and repair the body worm out tissues
  3. Vitamins help the body to fight disease
  4. Minerals keep the body in good working condition
  5. Fats and oil keep the body warm and gives energy
  6. Water it aid digestion. It also regulate body temperature



  • Name four types of food that help you to grow
  • List six types of food that gives energy
  • What is a balanced diet?



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