Simple Sewing Tools

Simple sewing tools

When you have the correct tools, it make sewing easy and enjoyable. Also, the right equipment should be used for the right work.

The simple sewing tools

  1. Tools for measuring
  • Ruler: This is used for marking. It is also used in pattern drafting.
  • Tape measure: This is used for taking measurement of the body, fabric, etc. They are marked on both sides in inches and centimetres. The tape measure is a standard measuring tool that every sewer should have in their sewing kit.
  • Hem marker: This is used for marking the hems of finished garments.
  1. Tools for marking and tracing
  • Tracing wheel: This is used with carbon paper or tracing paper in transferring marking from pattern to fabrics.
  • Tracing paper: This paper comes in manty colours. It is used in transferring pattern markings onto fabrics.
  • Tailor’s chalk: This is a special coloured chalk used for making marks on patterns and fabrics.
  1. Tools for cutting
  • Scissors and shears: It is used for cutting paper, fabrics, and thread.


  1. Tools for stitching
  • Dressmakers pin
  • Pin-cushion and emery bag
  • Needles


Care of simple sewing, knitting and crocheting tools

  • Get a kit for sewing
  • Protect needle, pins thimbles with white powder
  • Scissors used for cutting materials should not be used to cut paper
  • Protect scissors from rust.



  1. Mention three sewing tools as well as their uses.




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