Simple Clothing Construction Processes Seam

Simple clothing construction process


These are joining on the materials e.g. shoulders, sides, sleeve, waistline, collar etc.

There are different types of seam e.g. Open seam, overlaid seam, piped seam, mantua seam etc.


Types of seam

  1. Open seam
  2. Piped seam
  3. Overlaid seam
  4. Mantua seam


Open seam: It is a flat seam showing no stitches on the side. This is a flat seam showing no stitches on the right side.


  1. Cut two pieces of materials to required length.
  2. Place the two pieces of materials together, right side facing pin.
  3. Tack together and stitch on the wrong side remove the pins.
  4. Neaten the raw edges and press.



  1. What is seam?
  2. Mention three types of seam.
  3. Explain how to make open seam.


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