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Classification of Computers by Type

Computers types based on data handling capabilities can be classified into three: Analog, Digital and Hybrid.

  • Analog computers:

It is a computer type that accepts and process data as continuous rather than discrete value. They are built to respond to continuous signals such as electricity, temperature, pressure etc. For example, speedometer, wall clock, liquid dispenser etc.

types of computers
Telefunken 770 RA analog computer.
  • Digital computers:

The word “digital” means discrete or whole number. Digital computers function by accepting and manipulating data in the form of a discrete binary number (0s and 1s). For example, Digital Thermometer, Calculators etc.

types of computers
Digital Computer
  • Hybrid computers:

They combine the properties of both digital and analog computers. This means they can accept, process data and produce output both in digital and analog formats.

types of computer
Polish Hybrid computer WAT 1001

The computer can be of five types based on size

  • Supercomputer:

Supercomputers are the biggest and fastest computers. They are designed to process huge amount of data. It has thousands of interconnected processors.

Supercomputers are particularly used in scientific and engineering applications such as weather forecasting, scientific simulations etc. The first supercomputer was developed by Roger Cray in 1976.

  • Mainframe computer:

Mainframe computers are designed to support hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously. They can support multiple programs at the same time. That means they can execute different processes simultaneously. These features of mainframe computers make them ideal for big organizations like banking and telecom sectors, which need to manage and process a high volume of data.

  • Mini frame computer:

It is a midsize multiprocessing computer. It consists of two or more processors and can support 4 to 200 users at one time. Mini frame computers are used in institutes and departments for tasks such as accounting and inventory management.

  • Workstation:

Workstation is a single-user computer that is designed for specific purposes. It has a faster microprocessor, a large amount of RAM and high-speed graphic adapters. It generally performs a specific job with great expertise.

Accordingly, they are of different types such as graphics workstation, music workstation and engineering design workstation.

  • Microcomputer:

The microcomputer is also known as a personal computer. It is a general-purpose computer that is designed for individual use.  Laptops and desktop computers are examples of microcomputers.


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