Care Of Food III

Refrigeration and Home Freezing: A refrigerator is needed for this method. A deep freezer can also be used. Fish, meat and milk are most preserved using this method. This method slows down bacterial actions but don’t totally stop it. Food in the refrigerator can last for one or two days, while the ones in the freezer can last for three or more days.

Canning: Keeping food canned significantly extends its lifespan – but only if done correctly. The canning process preserves food by removing oxygen through an airtight seal and containing food in an acidic, sugary, or salty environment, where bacteria cannot thrive

Differences Between Chilling and Frezing

The main difference between chilling and freezing is that of temperature. Chilling refers to subjecting food products to low temperature while freezing refers to subjecting food products to temperature below their freezing point. The temperature depends on the food products. It differs from product to product. Chilling is before freezing, like frosting and still can be pliable. And freezing is frozen which may be rock hard. Refers to food that is thoroughly cooled in a refrigerator compartment, but is not frozen. Proper chilling of food is usually accomplished within a temperature range of 33°F to 42°F.


  1. Mention five ways we can preserve food.
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