Care Of Food I

Food is any edible substance either liquid or solid which when eaten is used by the body to maintain life. Food is a substance, either liquid or solid that gives the essential nutrients to the body. It is not everything that goes to the mouth that is edible. We need to eat good food to stay healthy.

However, we need to care for the food so as to make them fit for consumption.

Why We Take Care of Our Food

We take care of food:

  • So that it will not go bad
  • It will not make us sick
  • So that the food will taste fresh for a long time
  • So as to avoid waste.
  • So as to retain the quality of the food

How To Save Food

  • Keep cooked food or left-over food covered
  • Cook just enough food needed
  • Do not throw raw food around the house store them well
  • Pack lunch well


  1. What is food?
  2. Mention three reason why we need to take care of our food
  3. List two ways we can save food
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