Causes of Poor Savings 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Causes of Poor Savings

Causes of Poor Savings 

Causes of Poor Savings

Saving is money set aside for future purposes.

In our world today, everyone is expected to save money for the future.

Poor Saving is the inability to save as expected.

Reasons Why People Save

  • People save for business purpose
  • People save for Education
  • People save for Marriage
  • People save for their own growth and development.
  • People save for projects such as building or buying house
  • People save for unforeseen calamities.

There are some reasons people cannot save money, which may be understandable, however there are some reasons people have poor savings. Let’s take a look at them below:

Causes Of Poor Savings

  1. Low Income
  2. Inappropriate financial planning
  3. High level of spending
  4. Borrowing
  5. Unemployment
  6. Poor health
  7. Inability to manage income properly
  8. Lack of support.



Explain what savings are


Reading Assignment

Give four reasons people save 


Weekend Assignment

Identify five reasons why some people cannot save.


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