Resources Preservation

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be learning about Resources Preservation 

Resources Preservation 

Resources Preservation

Resources preservation is a way of keeping things like money and other material resources for future use.

Preservation is a way of keeping things like money and other material resources for future use.

Saving is one way of preserving resources.

Saving is the process of keeping money and other valuable items for future and safety purposes.

Money can be saved in banks, as a pension account, an investment fund or cash.

Types Of Savings/Resources Preservation

  1. Piggy bank
  1. banks
  1. Cooperatives
  1. Pensions
  1. Treasury bills
  1. Investment funds
  1. Buying properties like land and houses.
  1. Thrift and credit society
  1. Insurance Companies.

A bank is a place where money is saved. Money saved in the bank generates interest.

People can borrow money from the bank for business, financing a project.

Banking Facilities in our community include:

  1. Commercial bank
  2. Merchant bank
  3. Microfinance bank
  4. Mortgage bank
  5. Development bank
  6. Industrial bank

Resources that can be preserved in a bank:

  1. Valuable assets like Diamond, gold jewelry, etc.
  1. Deeds and Titles
  1. Certificates like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
  1. International passports



What is preservation?


Reading Assignment

Give five examples of resources that are preserved.


Weekend Assignment

Mention three importance of preservation of resources.


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