Role of Peer Group on Child’s Personal Security 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Roles of Peer Group on Child’s Personal Security

Roles of Peer Group on Child’s Personal Security

Peer Group

Peer group is a group of people within the same or similar age, status, and interests.

A peer group is also defined as a group of people who have many things in common, such as interests, social and economic status, backgrounds, and ages. All ages and backgrounds can form peer groups.

Roles Of Peer Group On Child’s Personal Security

  1. Peer group accept one another

2.Peer group encourage good behaviors and discourage bad ones

  1. Peer group stay with one another
  2. Peer group say no to drug abuse
  3. Peer group support individuals as they develop a sense of self
  4. Peer group help socialize an individual by reinforcing, punishing behaviors or interpersonal interaction

An example of a peer group would be a sports team because it would consist of people of roughly the same age with common interests. In this case, the shared interest would be athletics, such as football, basketball, or baseball.



What is Personal Security?


Reading Assignment

Define Peer Group


Weekend Assignment

If you were to form a peer group, identify the ages of people that are likely to be included. 


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