Marriage Customs And Practices

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Marriage Customs And Practices 

Marriage Customs And Practices

Marriage is the union of a man and woman as husband and wife. Marriage does not just happen. A number of steps lead to marriage. First, the man and the woman meet. This usually takes place:

  • In social gatherings like parties.
  • Where they live.
  • At school.
  • In religious gatherings.
  • When their families come together in village or town ceremonies.
  • In their places of work.

The marriage ceremony is the last stage. The ceremony takes any suitable form. Generally, the preparation and the actual ceremony take this form: 1 A special place, usually a big hall, is arranged for a party.

  • The lady gets a wedding dress and the man gets a suit. The couple’s parents, friends and relatives also get their dresses ready.
  • The first part of the ceremony is often a religious ceremony performed by religious leaders.
  • Music is also arranged for the event.
  • The couple makes their relationship officially recognized, by going to the marriage registry to get an official marriage certificate.

The families of both the suitor and the bride-to-be provide useful advice to both of them on how to go about the task of selecting a suitable husband or wife.

The family of the bride-to-be tries to get some important information about the man, such as his character, his background, and his family. The family of the suitor also does the same.

The lady’s family and other relations meet to make useful suggestions on how to plan the marriage ceremony, and suggest steps to be followed in order to organize a successful marriage ceremony.



What is Marriage?


Reading Assignment

Identify the steps involved in a marriage process 


Weekend Assignment

List 10 items that are usually found in a marriage ceremony.


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