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Input Devices

An input device is a peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or information appliance. Examples of input devices include keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras and joysticks.


Examples of Input Devices



A pointing device like a mouse only with the ball on the top of the device instead of the bottom. A trackball is a pointing device consisting of a ball held by a socket containing sensors to detect a rotation of the ball about two axes—like an upside-down mouse with an exposed protruding ball. The user rolls the ball with the thumb, fingers, or the palm of the hand to move a pointer.

trackball computer input devices



Optical Recognition Devices:

These use a light source to read codes, marks, and characters and convert them into digital data that can be processed by a computer. It is widely used as a form of data entry from printed paper data records, whether passport documents, invoices, bank statements, computerized receipts, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation.

comoptical recognition device computer input devices


Touch Screen:

allows you to touch areas of the screen with your fingers to enter data. A touch screen is a computer display screen that is also an input device. The screens are sensitive to pressure; a user interacts with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen.

touch screeen computer input devices



A terminal consist of a keyboard and a screen – commonly used for special purpose input such as POS (Point-of-Sale) information entry. A device that enables you to communicate with a computer. Generally, a terminal is a combination of keyboard and display screen.

system terminal computer input devices




A modem is a device that converts data into a form suitable for both receipt and transmission by wire or radio such that it can be reconstructed at the destination point. A modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device or program that enables a computer to transmit data over, for example, telephone or cable lines.

connection modem computer input devices



Pen Input:

Pen Inputs are used to input data using hand-written characters and shapes that the computer can recognize as a pointing device like a mouse to select items on the screen, and to gesture (special symbols made with the pen that issue a command).

pen input computer input devices



Touchpad (trackpad):

A flat rectangular surface that senses the movement of a finger on its surface to control the movement of the insertion point. A touchpad is a device for pointing (controlling input positioning) on a computer display screen. It is an alternative to the mouse

touch pad track pad  computer input devices




A small palm-sized input device that you move across a flat surface to control the movement of the pointer on the screen. It actually has a shape like a real mouse.

mouse computer input devices





Joysticks use the movement of a vertical stem to direct the pointer.  These are often used with computer games and have buttons you can press to activate events, depending upon the software.  A joystick is a cursor control device used in computer games.

joystick computer input devices



Biofeedback Input Devices:

These are special equipment like gloves, bodysuits, and eyeglasses to translate movements, temperature, or skin-based electrical signals.


Light Pen:

Light Pens are used by touching them on a display to create or modify graphics. A Light Pen is a pointing device shaped like a pen and is connected to a VDU. The tip of the light pen contains a light-sensitive element which, when placed against the screen, detects the light from the screen enabling the computer to identify the location of the pen on the screen.

light pen computer input devices




This is the most commonly used input device.  You enter data by pressing keys on the keyboard. A keyboard is the set of typewriter-like keys used to enter data into a computer. Keyboards are similar to typewriter keyboards but contain additional keys.

keyboard computer input devices



Microphone—used to record sound.


Image Scanner (page scanner):

an input device that can electronically capture an entire page of text or images such as photographs or artwork.

digital scanner computer input devices



Graphics Tablet:

this is similar to a digitizer, but it also contains unique characters and commands that can be generated automatically by the person using the tablet. A graphics tablet or digitizer is a computer input device that enables a user to hand-draw images, animations and graphics, similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper. These tablets may also be used to capture data or handwritten signatures.

graphics tablet computer input devices



Electronic Whiteboard:

An Electronic Whiteboard captures anything drawn on a special whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a large interactive display that connects to a computer.

electronic whiteboard computer input devices




A Digitizer converts points, lines, and curves from a sketch, drawing, or photograph to digital impulses and transmits them to a computer. The digitizer by definition is a device used to convert analogue signals into digital signals.


Digital Camera:

Digital Cameras are used to record photographs in the form of digital data that can be stored on a computer.

digital camera computer input devices





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