Different Rooms In The House

Welcome to class.

There are different rooms in a home each room is peculiar and has its own functions.

  1. SITTING ROOM: Is a room used for entertaining guest. It is equipped with furniture and family sit down together to watch TV.
  2. DINNING ROOM: It is a room where people sit together to eat their food.
  3. BEDROOM: Is a private room where people usually sleep and relax.
  4. STORE: Is a room where food stuff are kept
  5. BATHROOM: Is a room where people take their bath.
  6. TOILET: Is a room used for the disposal of body waste such as urine, faces.

EVALUATION: Mention two rooms in the house.

We have come to the end of the class. If you have any questions ask using the comment section. See you in the next class.

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