Free and Fair Election


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Free and Fair Election

Free and Fair Election

A free and fair election means elections that are conducted democratically and socially without any form of political violence. A free and fair election is the one that is free from all forms of electoral fraud or malpractices. This type of election is devoid of political torture, stealing of ballot boxes, killing and kidnapping, etc. Voters have the right to choose their representatives according to their choices without any form of interference or influence. Such election is characterized by freedom from violence, intimidation or coercion by political parties, candidates and media, freedom to challenge and raise an objection to issues without negative consequences, freedom to vote in secret and freedom to hold political rallies.

Need for a free and fair election

  1. Free and fair election guarantees good governance.
  2. There will be peace in the society because the people will not be cheated.
  3. It brings the right candidate to office.
  4. Developed countries will respect any country that succeeds in conducting free and fair elections.
  5. It fulfils the condition of democracy.
  6. It brings in a legitimate and credible leader.
  7. Citizens feel free to speak or choose whoever they want to lead them without fear or violence.
  8. It makes the elected government responsive and accountable to citizens.
  9. It brings about economic advancement, as the government is ready and willing to perform its responsibilities.


In our next class, we will be talking about Electoral Malpractice.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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