Negative Behavior


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Negative Behavior

Negative Behavior

It is an action or attitude of a person that is against the moral standards or simply an anti-social behaviour that is not acceptable by society. Negative behaviour has effects on an individual, family, society and the country at large. It tarnishes one’s image and name. People with negative behaviour have similar character traits such as isolating themselves, aggressive behaviour, lying, playing victims, manipulative behaviour, etc.

Examples of negative behaviour

  1. Stealing: This is an act of taking what does not belong to you. It is illegally taking belongings without the owner’s permission.
  2. Human trafficking: This is a criminal activity and negative behaviour in which people are taken, transported or kidnapped to be involved in sexual slavery, child labour or other exploitative purposes.
  3. Sexual harassment: This is continuous pestering and excessive intimidation. It is an unwelcome sexual advance.
  4. Aggression: This is a form of scaring or dominating other people by power or strength so that they can agree with whatever you tell them to do.
  5. Dishonesty: This is an act of being fraudulent and indecent in one’s dealings.
  6. Examination malpractice: This is going against the rules and regulations of the examination such as checking for answers (cheating).
  7. Lying: This is the act of saying or writing something you know is not true.
  8. Cultism: this is the practice of cult. A cult is a group whose activities are not made public. Cultism is the system or practice of cult.
  9. Drug trafficking and drugs addiction.

The consequence of negative behaviour

  1. It makes you different in a bad way.
  2. Value disorientation.
  3. Social insecurity.
  4. High crime rate.
  5. It breeds miscreant.
  6. inefficiency
  7. Low investment.
  8. It destroys society and oneself.
  9. It promotes corruption.
  10. Slow development.
  11. It leads to an unhappy home.
  12. It leads to an unhappy life at the end of it all.


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