The Supremacy of the Constitution

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The Supremacy of the Constitution


Meaning of the supremacy of the constitution

The supremacy of the constitution means that the constitution is the sovereign and dominant law of a nation. The constitution is binding on all citizens or persons in the country. No religion, status, age, the ethnic, the origin is above the law. Also, anyone found guilty of going against the laws in the constitution would be punishable under the law irrespective of this status, age, belief, etc. As a result of this, everyone is equal and subject to obedience of the constitution.

The reason why the constitution is supreme
  1. The constitution will prevent oppression and dictatorship.
  2. It makes every individual subject to the laws with no one above it.
  3. The constitution is the identification of our sovereign nation.
  4. It spells out the fundamental human rights as citizens of a country
  5. It is a symbol of unity and a form of binding force.

Post-independence constitution

These are some of the features of post-independence constitutions:

Nigeria has about five constitutions since independence (1960, 1963, 1979, 1989, and 1999). In between these constitutions, military regimes were taking over from the democrats. However, the post-independence constitution has the following features:

  1. All the constitutions retained the presidential system of government.
  2. They all had features of the presidential system of government, except 1963 that was parliamentary.
  3. These constitutions were indigenously made by the people and for the people.
  4. These constitutions were all documented, i.e. written constitutions.
  5. The fundamental him right was entrenched in all the constitutions.


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