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Gains/Results of Obeying Rules and Regulations -

Gains/Results of Obeying Rules and Regulations

Hello. You are welcome to class.

In this lesson, you will be learning about rules and regulations. Make sure you concentrate.


Rules and regulations are statements which tell us what we must do and what we must not do. Rules and regulations help people to behave properly. They help us to live peacefully with the people around us.

Rewards/Gains for Obeying Rules and Regulations

People who obey rules and regulations get rewards for doing so. Here are some of the rewards we get for obeying rules.

  • The society will be say For example, if we all keep away from crime, everyone would be safe because there would be no criminals to frighten people.
  • The government will provide us with amenities like electricity and good road If we all pay our taxes, all these things would be available.
  • There will be peace in society. When we all obey rules, we will enjoy peace
  • Road accidents will reduce. When people obey traffic rules, the roads would be safer and accidents would be much fewer.
  • Awards are given to best behaved children in school.
  • The school authorities would commend obedient pupils.
  • Members of the community would honor citizens who obey the rules of the country. The government also gives awards to such people.

We have come to the end of today’s class.


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