Things to Respect

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Some Things to Respect

  • The National Flag: We must treat the flag with respect, because it is an important symbol of our great country.
  • Nigeria’s Constitution: It is å special book that contains the laws of our country.
  • The Coat of Arms: We should admire it because it reminds us that our country is fertile, united and great.
  • The National Anthem and the National Pledge: When reciting the national pledge and singing the national anthem, we should stand at attention.
  • We must respect time. We must learns to keep to time always. We should wake up on time, eat on time, bathe on time, get dressed on time, go to school on time and do our work on time.

Ways of Showing Respect to Places and Things

  • We should keep our community clean.
  • We should keep the school clean.
  • We should be quiet and prayerful in places of worship, like churches and mosques. God is there to answer our prayers.
  • We should stand at attention when reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem.
  • If we have the opportunity of holding the national flag, we must handle it with great care.
  • We must respect time by being punctual always.


  1. Mention three people who we should respect.
  2. Mention three places which we should respect.
  3. Mention three things which we should respect.


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