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Meaning of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for the traffickers.

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.

Although slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human trafficking still exists today throughout the world when traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control other people for the purpose of engaging in forced labour, commercial sex against their will. Traffickers use manipulative tactics such as violence, threats, deception, debt bondage etc. to trap victims in horrific situations every day all over the world.

All trafficking victims share one essential experience which is the loss of freedom. Over 55% of victims of human trafficking are women and children.

Agents of Trafficking

The Agents of Human Trafficking are:

  1. The Traffickers:

The traffickers are the people either individual or group of persons who engage in the forceful or coercive recruitment of the victims. They are the people that work towards the success of human trafficking. They include the recruiters, transporters, receivers, the guards, the producers of false documentation.


  1. The Trafficking victims:

These include all the women, men, children both boys and girls and even the youth who are deceived and transported by force into the hands of those who exploit them for profit.

Characteristics of Human Trafficking

Traffickers compel their victims to accept a job through forms of deception, coercion or physical force. They trapped their victims in forced labour situations from which they cannot freely escape. In extreme situations, victims are forced into an employment relationship because they were sold by a family member or physically abducted or kidnapped.

Most time they are characterized with deception. For example, a trafficker may promise a woman a job abroad to work as a house help earning a minimum wage, but when she arrives she is instead forced to work in a sweatshop where her wages are withheld and is forced to work eighteen hours a day without leaving the premises.




Causes of Human Trafficking

The following points below are causes of human trafficking,

  1. Poverty:

This is the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or basic human needs such as clothing, food and shelter. A poor person can easily be deceived to come over to another place with the promise of getting a good job and become a victim in the hands of the traffickers.


  1. Lack of employment opportunities:

Due to the poor and unfavourable economic situation of some countries, some people are jobless. They, therefore, get lured and deceived by traffickers because they want to get out of the country and thereby using them as slaves and prostitutes in other countries.


  1. Profit:

The profits the trafficker wants to make from doing trafficking business make them engage themselves in such evil business all because of profit.


  1. Low self-esteem:

Many people because they do not know their worth and value, see themselves as nobody thereby making them vulnerable and they fall into the hands of traffickers thereby allowing anybody to control them due to their low self-esteem.


  1. Illiterates:

Illiterates are those who are unable to read or write. Illiteracy has made so many people become victims of trafficking. For instance, signing a document you have no knowledge of. Such people are deceived with promises of enrolment into school. Their desire for education makes them vulnerable to trafficking.


  1. The search for greener pastures:

The belief that life’s success or achievement is attained by travelling and relocating to other places.


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Types of Human Trafficking



This shows the connected nature of harm and its consequences – how one harm can cause another. For example, physical violence causes physical disability that in turn creates economic problems such as when the individual has difficulty working and cannot provide for himself or herself. This, in turn, can cause mental health problem due to stress and worries.


Health risks faced by trafficked persons include:

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Damage to sexual and reproductive organs
  3. The poor state of mental health
  4. Substance abuse and misuse



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