Preventive Measures Against Environmental Pollution


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Every action or inaction of any person has an effect on the environment — be it good, neutral, or negative. By becoming aware and doing the right thing, we choose to be part of the solution.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Prevention and Controlling Air Pollution:

Pollution in the air is the major source of contamination in our environment. There is a very urgent need to control this. Burning of leaves and crop in farmlands has already been banned by the government.

There are several regulations set by the government for industries, but the need is there to follow them also. Development of renewable sources should be promoted to reduce the burning of fuels.

In industries, proper chimneys should be installed and waste gases before leaving the chimney should be made to pass through filters to prevent the toxins to enter our air.

Also, vehicles should be regularly checked for pollution emission and more use of public transport should be promoted.

2. Prevention and Control of Water Pollution: 

Water is the core of a healthy ecosystem. The prevention and control of water pollution should consider reasonable development and utilization of regional water resources and the water cycle.

The protection of drinking water source to safeguard the quantity and quality of water is very important for healthy living. To prevent water pollution sewerage treatment plants should be set up and bathing and washing on the banks of the river should be discouraged. Besides this industrial waste should not be dumped in rivers and those doing so should be penalized.

In places where there is a need, small wastewater treatment facilities should be used to extract and treat sewerage directly to provide water for cleaning, irrigation, and municipal purpose. The pipes and network should be designed and built for the treatment of rainfall. Industries should be checked regularly to ensure proper disposal of chemical waste by them.

3. Solid Waste Management: 

Waste management, reduction, recycles and safe treatment is few measures for an effective ecosystem. Effective measures as substitution of coal, simplifying commodity package, provision of pre-treated vegetable to the urban area and advocating healthy consumption, must be taken to cut the production of solid wastes and promote recycling.

A strict management system for hazardous waste should be developed to realize 100% safe treatment and disposal. The hazardous waste that cannot be treated on-site should be collected and treated in central treatment and disposal facilities.

If needed new landfill site for solid hazardous waste management should be built. A centralized treatment facility for the treatment of medical waste should be provided. Supervision shall be tightened to prevent hazardous waste from being mixed with urban domestic refuse and serious punishment should be imposed in case of violation.

4. Noise Pollution: 

Noise in our atmosphere is also a source of pollution and may cause many health problems and temporary or permanent hearing impairments. In order to prevent noise pollution, control over the noise caused by transportation, construction, machinery and social activity must be tightened.

The motorway planning should give full consideration of traffic noise, at the proper sections, noise-deafening wall, noise-deafening structure and low-noise road surface and all motor rules should be effectively brought to follow by one and all.

No horn honking from any kind of automobiles should be permitted within the school and hospital vicinity and no whistle from the train should be allowed in the sensitive areas of the cities.

Residence along sections of the railway should not be planned and passed by the urban development authorities. Proper noise prevention guidelines should be issued and followed strictly by all.




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