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The soil on the land

Soil is the thin layer of materials on the earth’s surface where plants grows. Soil is made up of minerals, decomposed organic matter, living organisms, air and water each type of soil contains a mixture of different sizes of particles


  1. Sandy soil: This is a type of soil that contains visible large particles of sand. It is usually light in colour and stays loose allowing moisture or water to pass through easily. Sandy soil is brownish or light in colour. Sand soil is not good for growing plants because it cannot hold water or nutrients. It can be found on the school playground.
  2. Clayey soil: This soil contains many small particles of broken-down rocks. These particles stick together and as a result, it as very little air spaces. Lay soil is gray, red or reddish brown in colour. This makes clay to hold to hold water, because the water cannot easily pass through the particles that are so closely packed.
  3. Loamy soil: this soil is the mixture of sand, silt, clay and humus. It varies depending on how much of each component is present. It holds less water than clay and more water than sand. A loamy soil is suitable for planting crops. Loamy soil is dark brown or black in colour. This soil can be found on the school garden.
loamy soil
clay soil
sandy soil


Soil is important to both plants and animals. Plants grow in soil while some animals live in soil.

Importance of soil to plants.

  1. Soil is a medium for plant growth. It provides stability to plants by holding the roots firmly.
  2. Soil helps to absorb moisture from rainfall for plants to use. the Moisture is also used by organisms in the soil living to grow.
  3. Soil shelters plants against intense temperature.
  4. Soil protects the root from direct sunlight.
  5. It is a source of water which carries essential nutrients into the plants by moving upward.
  6. It is a source of air which provides oxygen that is used in the breakdown of sugar to release energy needed by the plants to live and grow.


  1. Soil serves as home for animals like earthworm, centipede, millipede, ants, crab etc.
  2. Soil is used for agricultural purposes by man. Man plant crops like maize, beans, rice, yam. etc.
  3. Soil is used by man in road construction.
  4. Man builds house on soil.
  5. Soil is essential for animals like herbivores because without soil, plants cannot grow; and if plants do not grow, herbivorous animals like cow, sheep and goat will not have their foods.
  6. Man uses soil (clay soil) to model (e.g pottery)


  1. Define soil?
  2. List 3 type of soil?
  3. Mention any three animals that live in soil
  4. List 2 importance of soil to plants
  5. List 3 animals that feed on plants
  6. Give 3 importance of soil to animals.


Learn more about soil (say whether each sentence is true or false)

  1. Soil is not good for growing plants.
  2. Soil holds the plant in position so that it does not fall over.
  3. Sandy soil is good for plants.
  4. Soil supplies plants with food.
  5. The soil holds water for the plants.
  6.  Loam soil is good for plants

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