Water Packaging

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Packaged water is drinkable, processed or purified water that is contained in a nylon, bottle or plastic. Packaged water is clean, tasteless, odourless, colourless, contains no solid substance, etc. exposed water, however, may be contaminated by toxic substances or dirt. Packaged water is consumed in order to avoid consumption of bad water. Water is packaged to avoid waterborne diseases.


  1. Sachet water: this is purified water packaged with nylon and sold.
Sachet water

2. Plastic bottled water: this is purified water packaged with plastic bottle and sold.

Bottled water

3. Water dispenser: it provides fresh, healthy drinking water and you can have instant access to cold or hot water.


Disposable bottles of water, can be thrown away. Re-usable bottles can be reused.

Sachets are small and cheap. Glass bottles are more expensive and canned water is also expensive.


  1. Water is packaged to prevent contamination
  2. Water is packaged to market it easily transported from place to place
  3. Water is packaged to keep it in good condition for future use.
  4. Water is packaged to make it available for the area where there is no reliable drinking water.
  5. Water is packaged to prevent water- borne disease.
  6. Water is packaged to keep the water fresher.

It is advisable to always check the NAFDAC (National Agency for Food, Drug Adminstration and Control) registration number of any packaged water before drinking. NAFDAC is an agency that ensures that the packaged water is of high quality. Moreover, any packaged water without this number is yet to be registered with NAFDAC, so, it is not safe for drinking. A packaged water with no NAFDAC number is not advisable for drinking


  1. List two types of packaged water
  2. What is the full meaning of NAFDAC?
  3. State two reasons for packaging water
  4. Is it safe to drink packaged water with no NAFDAC registration number (YES/ NO)

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