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At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Observe features of common plants
  • Identify features of common plants
  • Draw and label plants
  • Group plants to common features

A plant has three main parts:

  • The root
  • The stem
  • The leaves


The root is the part of the plant that grows inside the ground. It holds and supports the plant to the ground

The stem grows above the surface of the ground. The stem carries the leaves ad exposes them to sunlight.

The leaves are generally green in colour and grow out of the stem. The leaves produce food for the plant.

Picture of a well labelled plants


Plants differs in shapes and sizes, some of which are:


Spear shaped leaves e.g aloe vera                           Heart shaped leaves e.g beans leaves

Oval shaped leaves e.g orange leaves


Plants are grouped into common features. They are:

Root plants e.g cassava, onion, cocoyam, ginger,


Creepers plants e.g.yam                                                                     Climbers plants e.g cucumber



Fruits                                                                                                                                  flowers



  1. The three main parts of a plant are: ——————–, —————— and —————-
  2. Give two examples each:

Plants as fruits:

Plants as vegetables:

Plants as root


Draw, colour and label any plant of your choice











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