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At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Understand the word “float”
  • Identify objects that float on water
  • Demonstrate how to make objects float on water


Some objects float on water. That is, they stay on the surface of water. Objects that float on water are light. For an object to float on water, the weight of the object must be less than or equal to the weight of water where the objects in placed on. In some cases, objects that float are hollow inside or are filled with air.

Examples of objects that float on water

         zzz        mmm

Paper boat                                                        Pencil

mm    mmmm

Plastic spoon                                                        Plastic ball

ccc        lll

Closed plastic bottle                                            Match Stick


  1. Get an empty bottle, with the lid on, and put it in a bowl of water. What did you notice? Did it sink or float?
  2. Get the same bottle, take the lid off and put some water into the bottle. Did the bottle sink or float?


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