Hello children, welcome back to class


At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Understand the word “FLOAT
  • Observe and Identify things that float in air
  • Make things that float in air


Objects that float in air are those that can be carried by air. These objects are usually very light. Examples of objects that float in air include:  a balloon, a kite, a bird and an aeroplane.


balloon                                                               bird



Aeroplane                                                                  Kite



Bubbles                                                              Parachutes


  1. Give 2 uses of air
  2. Mention any two things that float in the air


How to make a paper fan

Materials: A4 paper, rulers, crayons, a stapler

Steps: Make sure you have all the materials ready.

  1. Decorate the paper before they start folding it.
  2. Fold the paper with the ruler. Do not roll the paper around the ruler but rather fold one side and then turn it over and fold it the other way so it makes a “zig-zag” shape.

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