Al-Qadar and Al-Qadar are one of Islam attitude of faith. Both are aspects of Islamic beliefs Al Qadar means God’s ordained will on the individual while Al Qadar is the realization of it by the individual by and large means Allah decree. This means his complete final control over the outcome of events or happening. Allah has given man choice of free will and moral choice right from time of Prophet Adam likewise man is responsible for his choice whether good or bad. Allah (S.W.t) says “by the soul and him who inspired it will consciousness of what is wrong for it and what is right for it, indeed he shall succeed who causes this (soul) to grow in purity and truly he is lost who buries in it darkness (Qal: 7-9)


Belief in qadar makes a muslim not to be over excited by good falsehood or totally depressed by events not favorable to him, he accept them us Allah’s predestination even it results to death, we should for short of saying , “ Inna lillahi, wa inn. Ilahirajiin, meaning, indeed, we are from God and indeed to God shall we return”

Believing in Qadar strengthen Muslim, allowing them to endure and have strong faith in Allah. It bring peace of mind to the Muslim by helping to him to accept but good and bad fortune with the spirit of Islam. Belief in qadar makes a Muslim to belief in the last day as a good day to defend what he did with freewill Allah gave him. It is the belief that man is neither prose of absolute power, knowledge and will are control by Allah according to certain laws and not in arhitiaryu manner. Manhosno control over many things like dept., talent and gift but he has control of his action of either choosing to follow the right course for us to bring reward or to follow the wrong course which leads to punishment. It is belief that everything is a subject to Qada and Qadar


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