Uthman was a prominent Muslim to serve Islam by all means. At the time of the treaty of hudaibiyyah. Uthmanwassent to makkah to negotiate with the non-believers with the mulhajirunemeigrantfrommakka settled in madinah, they had great difficuly in getting drinking water it was uthman that bought a well named birr rahman from a jowl for twenty thousand dirhams and for free use of Muslim when the number of the Muslim, it was uthman who bought land for its extention it was the same uthman that buy the expenses for the expendition of taduk for one quarter of the army. He ask to give one thousand came,s fifty horses and one of thousand pinanst to support the army. He was one of those that recorded the holy Quran and also used to write other documents for the holy prophet.


1. He established the Arab Navy

2. He standardized the holy Quran by removing the differences in reading the Quran: a committees on standardized of the Quran was appointed and led by zaydbnthabit. The standardized Quran was produce by the committee an d the copies are being used today through the Muslim world.

3. Uthman constructed a hugedum to prophet madinah against flood and regulated the supply of water

4. He also constructed a bridge and road for the welfare of the g eneral public

5. He sent missionaries to various place and appointed teacher to teach Islamic law the holy Quran and hadith

6. The territories of Islam state were expanded through the conquest of khurusen, North Africa including Egypt, Tripoli’s and Spain.



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