Activities of Abu-Bakr as the first caliph towards the end of the prophet’s life he had planned to send an expedition (trop) to syria to avenge the death of zayd in the battle of Murtha. Abu-Bakr, anzayd in the battle of muitah. Abu-Bakr, on become the caliph decided to execute the prophet plan. He therefore sent the Muslim army under the command of Usman to Syria after 40 days, Usman returned to medina with a great victory.

Abu-Bakr also stopped the rebellious acts of some false prophets who emerged after the death of prophet. These false prophet included death of the prophet. These false prophet include as cued ansi (from Yemen) tulaihs (northern Arabia) sajahbnhalith and musailimehalkadhb. He crush the false prophets in the popular battle of yamamu otherwise known as Abu-Bakr that the conquers of some empires started. The two great empires,persium and by zantine fall under the rule of Islam.

Achievement of Abu-Bakr as the first caliph (632-634)

i. He suppressed the rebellious acts of the false prophets by waging war against them in the battle of yamang thereby saving Islam from being exterminated

ii. He ordered for the compilation of the holy Qur’an when majority of the huffaz (memorizes) lost their lives in the war of apostasy (enawetulriddoh)

iii. The conquest of the roman Persian empiles by Abu-Bakr laid dow the basis for the establishment of THE Aiah empire and the expension of isla beyond Arabia.

iv. He nominated umarbn al khallab as this successor after due consultation with the companions.

v. Abu-Bakr introduce the principle of shurah (i.e consultation) in his abministration, with this principle, he sell up surah (council of elders) for deciding matters of Islamic state after consultation.




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